Boško Ivanišević
Developer, Theoretical Physicist
Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, C++ and few more


For years computers have been my passion. Even while I was working on my PhD thesis in theoretical physics I was writing software. Luckily, my thesis was about mathematical modeling of nuclear processes so I had to write all programs by myself. That way I was working at the same time in two fields I like the best - theoretical physics and software development. Later on I’ve left theoretical physics and moved to programming completely.

Most of my career as a developer and project manager I was using C++. Four years ago I started to use C# and Ruby (well, Java too but for few very small projects). I was excited with ease of development in C# and power of Ruby. Then I discovered Ruby on Rails and was amazed with it simplicity and beauty. Since then I’m constantly mixing all of them.

I’ve created this blog as a remainder. For a long time I’ve mostly tried to remember what I’ve been doing and sometimes I did write some notes which are spread all over my hard disk. Naturally they were very hard to search and completely uncomfortable to use. Finally I’ve decided to put useful tips and HOWTOs in one place. So here it is. My very first blog which might be useful for others too.